Corporate Videos

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The following videos were created for GM, Championship
Auto Racing Teams (CART), Autolite, and Humana.
Each one was integral in winning or increasing the business.


GM – “Overdrive”
Theres a new GM in town! Complete with 30 new vehicles and
state-of-the-art engineering you’ve never seen or could’ve imagined.


CART – “The Art of Racing”
CART represents the greatest drivers on the track, controlling
the most technologically advanced machines on the planet.
Artisans painting a canvas that stretches for miles.
With every race an event onto itself.


Autolite Spark Plugs – “Nobody’s Plugged into NASCAR like Autolite”
Autolite is the official spark plug of NASCAR.
In fact, more racing teams install Autolite than any other spark plug.


Humana – “Forever Young”
This video, which I created in iMovie, was part of an integrated
marketing campaign. With Humana’s Medicare Advantage Plan you
get the peace of mind to do the things you want to keep doing.
So you can stay…Forever Young.